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Dolan & White Family Immigration offer a range of services to cater to the client’s needs and budget.

Application Package 

Our application package is the most comprehensive service we offer.


Under this package you supply us with your supporting documents as per our detailed instructions. We will complete all relevant application forms, book the necessary appointments and prepare a detailed cover letter containing legal representations to support your application.


Following submission of your application we continue to monitor your file and liaise with the relevant authorities where necessary until a decision is made on the application.

If your application is successful we will advise you on your new status.

If the application is refused we will provide you with detailed advice on your options going forward. 

Advice Package 

Our advice package includes a detailed consultation for up to one hour.

This can take place in person, over the telephone or via Skype.

We will provide advice on the legal requirements relating to your proposed application and the relevant supporting documents you will require.

It will also cover details on legal procedures and an honest assessment as to your prospects of success.


The packages include confirmation of advice in writing and any reasonable follow-up queries on the same matter. 

Checking Package 

Our checking package is suitable for those who are happy to prepare their own application but require some reassurance that they have done this correctly.


If you opt for this service we will undertake a thorough assessment of your completed application and will provide advice on any necessary corrective action.


This includes assessment of the application forms, supporting documents and cover letters. Where possible we will undertake this action on your behalf. 

Appeals Package 

With regards to appeals we offer a comprehensive appeals package which includes lodging of the appeal and preparation of the appeal bundles.


This bundle includes detailed witness statements and skeleton arguments outlining legal arguments to support your case.


As part of this package we will also arrange for an experienced Immigration Lawyer to accompany you to the tribunal and advocate your behalf. 

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